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  • Colorful Rubber Dumbbell

    Contact NowColorful Rubber Dumbbellcolorful rubber dumbbell products:The dumbbell available in various sizes, professional quality, the whole forming process, leading technology, making high quality stainless steel plating, knurled hanRead More2015-12-12

  • Rubber Hex Dumbbell

    Contact NowRubber Hex DumbbellRubber hex dumbbell product introduction:Use of dumbbell:For muscle strength training, muscle compound action training. Because of the movement of motor paralysis, pain, long-term, and other non - actiRead More2015-12-12

  • Fixed Rubber Dumbbell

    Contact NowFixed Rubber Dumbbellfixed rubber dumbber product introduction:Rizhao City Yidong Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is the production of fixed dumbbell internal iron core is the use of raw materials, the use of external rubber is thRead More2015-12-12

  • Neoprene Coated Dumbbell

    Contact NowNeoprene Coated DumbbellNeoprene coated dumbbell product :The common varieties of dumbbell rubber dumbbell, dumbbells, dumbbells, iron plating paint dumbbell.The plastic dumbbell refers to the whole plastic structure, the prRead More2015-12-12

  • Barbell

    Contact NowBarbellBarbell product introduction:A barbell is used to enhance the muscle strength training equipment is simple.Its use is for muscle strength training, muscle compound action training. The patients with mRead More2015-12-12

  • Rubber Combined Dumbbell

    Contact NowRubber Combined DumbbellRubber combined dumbbell product introduction:The barbell is a kind of core training equipment, equipment used and weightlifting. A barbell movement belongs to weight training, just use the barbell trRead More2015-12-12

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