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    Our products: all kinds of kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell, fitness bench, fitness rack, etc., have modern equipment and skilled workers, the technique and technology is relatively mature and perfect.The products sell well all over the world, has established good relations with the United States, Canada, South Korea, Britain, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, etc.

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    Rizhao Yidong Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China dumbbell, barbell rack, weight plate, steel competition kettlebell manufacturers and factory, welcome to wholesale cheap or low price dumbbell from us. We are professional manufacturer of kettlebell and dumbbell, for kettlebell dumbbells, we have been continuous development and innovation, always walk at the forefront of creating and updating, and to ensure that we can do for you better products and competitive price, to ensure the perfect quality and excellent service.


    Plastic bumper is from the outside plates, cushioning material and beam is composed of three parts. One plate and cushioning materials made from plastic, beams of cold rolled sheet metal with a thickness of 1.5 mm or so into u-shaped trough outer panels and cushioned material attached to the beam,beam and longitudinal beam of the frame screw connection can be removed at any time.
    First set: Bell of elbow flexion: standing, opened with two feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell, placed in the front of the thigh, rolling eyes outwards. Upper body upright, shoulders still, alternating arms elbow 20,160. Practice process, shall not be flashing back and forth from the waist, arm micro-post on both sides of the chest.
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